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Can These Numbers Help You Decode Your Life Purpose? with Felicia Bender

Listen to this week’s podcast, on numerology and your life purpose. (Psst: Felicia also gives us some tips on numerology and addiction).


On Curb the Binge, we forgive the past, learn from it, and look to the present and future. This podcast is not so much about the binging behavior. Though it’s something many of us share, the old behavior is not our focus. Curb the Binge is about where we are going. How we are evolving out of old patterns into new territory. In this process, what tools we can use to empower ourselves in the direction of our heart’s longing and our soul’s actualization?

Numerology can be one of these tools.

I met Felicia Bender at a party several months ago. She gave a presentation on the life path numbers that knocked my socks off. I knew I needed to bring her on this podcast.

What is numerology?

Hans Decoz says, “The Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Hebrews, Egyptians, Phoenicians, early Christians, Mayans and Incas all employed number systems to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe.”

Numerology is the study of the energy and vibration of numbers. The unique frequency that each number holds. Once we start looking, we see: numbers are all around us. Our birthdays, names, and addresses can be written in numerical form. As it turns out, if we pay attention to this numerical information in our birthdays, names, and our environment, we can gain practical, applicable, and exceedingly valuable information about our lives.

Is it More New-Age Clutter?

While it may seem woo-woo, just think about how pervasive numbers and mathematics are in an increasingly computerized world. All that code is written in numbers. And, yes, Pythagoras, the same historical figure who delineated the geometric facts you learned in high school – also compiled the mathematical disciplines of the Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essene (1) sciences to create the form of numerology most often used today.

My guest Felicia Bender has a Ph.D. in Theater, and brings incredible liveliness to her teaching of the life path numbers. She wrote two books and many more materials on the subject. She’s so fun to listen to, and today, she not only discusses each of the life path numbers (so you’ll be sure to hear about yours), she also teaches you how to calculate your life path number in a snap.

(1) Hans Decoz, Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self.

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