Build Your Team

Looking for a…?

My wish for you is that you have a vibrant pool of resources to support you on your journey. In the spirit of helping you build your team, here are my favorite, trusted practitioners. 

Each of them has passed what for me is the litmus test for a helping professional: integrity of intention and purity of heart. 

While located around the globe, all are available to work remotely. 

Tarot Reader

Tansy Baigent

Tansy Baigent

Do you feel stuck, challenged, in need of answers, clarity or support? Then professional tarot reader and holistic counsellor, Tansy Baigent, can be your perfect guide to help empower you through this time of change or feelings of being stuck in a rut. Tansy was given her first deck of Tarot cards at the age of thirteen; inspiring a 20 year journey of discovery in which she not only learned how to read them, work with them, and dream with them, but to truly come to see them as allies, working for our highest good. Tansy’s reading style is not predictive, but ‘reflective’. She does not divine nor predict the future, but instead uses intuition and guidance to offer a reflection of your situation; giving clarity around any challenges or changes that you may be going through. In this way you are able to see the underlying causes, the blocks, the support you have and the advice that can help you. Tansy chooses to do readings in this way so that the cards can seek to enlighten, empower and inspire you – no matter what you are facing. Challenges are a natural part of life, and our growth, but being able to navigate them with clarity and support can make facing them far smoother while feeling heard and held in the process, and this can truly help to create positive and lasting change.

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Tauna Houghton

Tauna Houghton

Tauna Houghton is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner who started NOURISHtopia after working with thousands of clients, perhaps like you, who were suffering because they thought a healthy lifestyle meant perfection and deprivation, which led to cycles of overwhelm, confusion, shame and giving up. Sound too familiar?

Tauna sees an urgent need to help more sensitive and creative souls remember that being healthy must also include joy, soothing our heart and quieting our mind. We need to upgrade our whole lifestyle, not just approach our body as separate organs or look at foods under the microscope.

Tauna excels at teasing apart your complex and chronic symptoms to connect the dots and address the root cause of your symptoms. This is drastically different for each person, even if they all have the same ‘dis-ease’ or ‘condition’. Sometimes this can be a quick fix, or it may require a gentle step by step approach to heal each layer in your mental, emotional and physical body. For example, we can increase your ability to digest gluten again only after we get your bile flowing. Or perhaps the main cause of belly bloating is the stressed and rushed lunches you gulp down (who, me?).

Tauna has seen over and over again that the fastest way to healing is to relax, nourish our senses and align with nature’s remedies and rhythms. She believes that natural tools and a kind approach can be deeply healing.

When she was 16, gnarly acne motivated her to try everything she could to clear her skin. After many failed attempts, ranging from dermatologists to tears to harsh products, she was blown away to discover that the key was simple whole foods, herbal medicines, natural skin care, and most importantly – self-kindness.
Since then she has personally used Ayurveda to more gracefully navigate periods of grief and loss, hormone changes, travel overseas, cold climates she doesn’t like, a sensitive nervous system, and a busy schedule. Without Ayurveda, she would be a hormonal wreck prone to insomnia, constant worry and wild hormonal swings.

Back in 2007 Tauna studied Ayurveda in southern India at the Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat Hopsital. A few months later, she joined Dr. John Douillard’s LifeSpa in Boulder, Colorado where she helped over 10,000 clients by recommending herbal medicines, Ayurvedic wellness tools, and detox plans. In 2018 she launched her own private practice as NOURISHtopia.


Serin Silva

Serin Silva

I turn pain into power, through intuitive readings, mediumship and Reiki healing.

My corporate roots make me a little different, in that I understand how to work with clients to create tangible, practical steps to create what they want in this life. I look forward to meeting you.