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Become Your You-Est YOU with Julie Reisler

Life designer, author, coach, host of The You-Est YOU Podcast and multi-time TEDx speaker Julie Reisler talks with Curb the Binge about her journey from people-pleasing and emotional eating to living a life that honors her authentic self.

Julie’s relationship with food was the catalyst that showed her that something wasn’t right – at the time, her MO was wearing a mask of perfection that felt very far from who she truly was.

Taking the courageous and honorable step of getting to know her authentic self, Julie embarked on a journey that led to massive inner work, personal transformation, and ultimately helping others find their authentic selves.

Simply put, Julie walks the talk.

In this interview, you will hear:

  • An example of how our inner blockages can manifest as physiological ailments that we can choose to regard as precious clues on our path.
  • How we can embrace and integrate all of the various pieces of who we are (most of us have so many different passions and talents!) and still be effective in the world and make a living.
  • How your relationship with food may be related to listening – and not listening – to your inner voice. 
  • Food addiction – is the answer biochemical or emotional?
  • How to work with the fear that can come up when we are guided by our inner voice to do something risky or illogical.
  • How to make peace with personal growth as a process that humbles us again and again, and can leave us feeling like we are “falling on our own sword,” even and especially when we are in a leadership role.
  • The awesome thing Julie did with a group of friends that swept inspiration and transformation into her life – it’s easy and accessible and you can do it, too. 
  • And more!
PLUS, there is a very special gift for every single listener at the end of this podcast, so very generous of Julie and we are so blessed to receive. Listen for the details.
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