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Autoimmune Disease and Empowerment

Most of us are used to reaching for something when we feel low energy. Whether it’s that certain food that gives us a lift, or a cup of coffee, a significant portion of the world’s modern culture is built around this tendency to reach outside of ourselves for a “hit” of energy. What does this seemingly harmless phenomenon have to do with our health, our empowerment, and our freedom?

Well, this model of reaching outside for a fix has worked for us humans for a while – but how is it working now?

Many of us are suffering from auto-immune disease, not to mention the rise in chronic illness that we’ve seen in the last half century. Many of these auto-immune diseases have as part of their symptomology a decrease in energy and a feeling of being “low.” Perhaps worst of all, auto-immune diseases make us feel powerless, partly because of the common description of “the body attacking itself” and partly because we are told that we can do nothing about it.

In our cultural framework, these diseases are not seen as messengers, but as menaces – a viewpoint which is inherently disempowering.

What if we saw any unfavorable symptom from the body as a message that things needed to change? That something we are doing is off, and not working for the system?

At first, this message seems like a downer. “Something I am doing is wrong for my body? No, it can’t be! Impossible!”

We can get pretty entitled about our habits, even when they aren’t serving us.

I certainly do.

But what about when they are killing us?

Does there come a moment when the fallout is so bad that we are willing to hear the messenger of illness as giving us an empowering opportunity? I.e. the mindset of, “If something I am doing is causing this, then I can do something differently, and chances are the symptoms arising will also change.”

This is the beginning of taking full responsibility for our lives, folks.

Remember, empowerment only comes when we take back the power to affect, guide, and focus our lives. And this means responsibility. It means recognizing that we have a choice in the matter.

We are, of course, free to go down the road of externalizing responsibility and live the consequences of that decision, we are always free. The choice, as always, is our own.

Photo by Jackson Hendry on Unsplash

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