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Addiction: Why It’s Everyone’s Business

Do you have friends or family that shy away from the subject of addiction?

It’s not a comfortable dinner topic. And yet, ironically, we live, as Russell Brand says, in “the age of addiction.”

Why? Because the formula for happiness sold to us by the media (get a high-paying job, buy a house, keep getting promoted, be happy) doesn’t work. It’s a time bomb, because it fails to address the real needs of any Human – needs like community, connection, vulnerability, emotional safety (i.e. living and working in an environment where you can show your true feelings and be yourself), movement, contact with the earth and nature, and creative expression.

Most of us are chronically deprived of these needs and yet dread the seeming ultimatum put in front of us: find a way to live some version of this status-quo life, or die. Starve to death. Be unable to support your children.

It’s a legitimate fear.

Somehow, we’re brainwashed into believing that without this job or a job of its kind, we’d be nothing.

And based on this deep dread, we would do anything to hold on to the systems that seem to hold our lives together. Our 401K, our health coverage. We’re conditioned to believe we’d be nothing without these things.

But I am here to tell you this: that life is not a sanitary, sterile already-assembled construction handed to you at birth; it’s a wild, heart-stoppingly beautiful journey full of choice and wonder, sensation and discovery.

And that all we need to do to access that reality – that birthright – is to let go of our fear.

Let me ask you this: how much time and energy do you spend holding back the Truth of how you feel from the people you work for and with? How often do you feel like if you had to go through the motions of another meeting, you’d burst? How often do you come home and pour yourself a glass of wine, take out the ice cream or binge-watch a tv show just to “wind down”?

When you go through your day like this, do you feel like you are really living? 


You see, addiction is rampant because, for many, many people, the crutch of an addiction feels like the only way they can go on.

The only way they can wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Is this you?

This was me.

And when I was going through my own transition, nobody was talking about this. There were no coaches out there helping people to transition from status-quo living to something different. To discovering and then living their dreams.

But the fact is, you aren’t alone. At this time on our planet, countless people are going through the same experience.

The ground seems to be shaking beneath our feet, and we’re not sure whether to trust the paradigm we’ve been born and raised into, or trust the growing restlessness inside.

Here’s my experience: on the path to self-discovery – should you choose to take it – addictions will naturally fall away (read: “naturally” doesn’t mean “without work.” Moving out of the old and into something new usually feels like a fair bit of work, and every bit worth it). As you begin to reveal to yourself who you are, the energetic frequency of your addictions will no longer match who you are becoming.

The process of “becoming” oneself has steps, just like any other process. While the path is unique to everyone, there are some common factors that we all can relate with, including that feeling of not being quite sure what exactly is going on.


If you feel you’re on the brink of transformation, if you feel you can’t walk it alone anymore and are looking for guidance, contact me for a free half hour session. And if not, know that where you are is totally ok. Not being ready to let go of addictions – or safety nets for that matter – is totally ok. We can’t rush our process.

Gratitude for where you are and faith in a brighter future ~ may they be yours.

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