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Humans Were Not Meant for Addiction

When I look around at my fellow Humans – at restaurants, grocery stores, in the street – I see a common thread: we are largely lost. Few of us nowadays walk around with the embodiment of Pride – the pride of living a purposeful life.

Addiction is a substitute for Purpose – for once we know Purpose, we experience firsthand that this is the real feeling we have been seeking, which was never quite delivered through addiction. We got a substitute of it – a hit of the kind of aliveness we might feel if we were living our Purpose and our Dream, everyday.

When we are addicted, we look drained of our energy – almost zombie-like. We’re directed by our cravings – cravings that were fed to us by industry and conditioning. The conditioning that taught us there was nothing better than a hungry ghost life of wandering from hit to hit.

That’s Not what we were meant for, and it’s Not what makes Humans happy. What makes humans happy is Purpose.

Every single one of us is born a genius. The amount that we are able to learn and integrate at a very young age is astounding. And that potential is limitless – and I believe our deepest hunger is to live it, fully. To become and live as a full-blown expression of the endless treasures we have hidden inside of us just waiting to be tapped.

Living like this is an ongoing psychedelic journey, in which even death is a thrilling right of passage waiting for us further along the line. Living like this is living magic, living miracles every moment of every day. This is the stage in which you realize you have full control, full sovereignty over your experience. By taking care of and aligning your frequency to the best that life has to offer (and we are constantly discovering and re-discovering what that is), you attract that level of an experience on this earth plane.

And then life stops being about survival. Long gone is the search for the next hit of energy, the next thing to get one through.

Long gone is feeling trapped and enslaved in any corner of your being. This world was not made for your enslavement – it was made for your frolicking in creative freedom.

Yes, it can take time to claim and step into this. It’s a process. And, many of us want that hand to hold while we transition to this life. If you are wanting this, visit me for a free initial consult and let’s get the ball rolling on your Purpose-Driven life. Schedule here >>>> Your Intitial Consult

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