"How I felt while having a reading from Katya:

-The information was very true (I knew in my soul)
-She was very Genuine
-Very Accurate
-Loving delivery
Gaining clarity through Katya’s guidance has helped me to understand what is going on in my life and why."
Lindsay B.
"What a pleasure to sit with you the other day. Thank you from the depths of my heart. My reading with you continues to be very supportive. I am feeling more confident as I step forward very much because of to all the came forward from our time together. I find it all quite awe inspiring and look forward to listening to my recording of the session. I really appreciated sitting with you and getting a sense of your work, wisdom and the way you share your passion of astrology and more. I found our time together invigorating!"
Gillian E.
"Katya, Thank you so much for today's session. It made a big impact and I am still digesting it all. I feel I have a direction now and not floundering about. I appreciate your clarity and making things understandable. I appreciate the time you took to prepare, and the time given to me. I appreciate your understanding, compassion, and lightness. Many blessings to you! Namaste"
Joan C
"Dear Katya, Thank you for an extraordinary astrological reading. The information you organized in a concise and meaningful way has served to illuminate options, strengths and weaknesses in these last months. I appreciate that you helped to connect broad concepts to my particular experience and understandings. Perhaps it is that you are a good life coach that I felt held in a lovely space of personal exploration. Looking forward to our next session together."
Felicia Martinez
“Katya is an awesome teacher, warm and loving, guiding me with gentle but firm instruction. Her sessions are well thought-out and organized, and she is a truly spiritual teacher - her voice warms my heart."
“Katya has a personal touch and a nurturing energy that has fed my 3 year practice as her student to new awareness of self on many levels. Her dedication and insight to her craft has kept me a loyal customer. I don't think yoga would be as fulfilling without her."
David Walker
"Katya's reading changed my life and gave me a view of a better future that I had the power to create. Katya is tapped into a higher source that allows her to guide clients efficiently and lovingly to their best truth. She is truly wise and sees people's souls, their potential and what's holding them back – and can impart all of this gently and yet in a way that forces you to make the necessary shifts in your life to get back on the path you were meant to walk in this life."
Jennifer Parker
Boulder, CO
“I was thinking this morning about all the many and diverse spiritual guides and mentors I have encountered in the past year. From New York to Hawaii. To Bali. Miami. And many places in between. And I have to say. You are by far. One of my favorite. Intuitive. Detailed. Professional. Articulate. Sensitive. The glowing adjectives are many that apply to you.

So here I am giving you a heartfelt shout out, and recommendation as a pretty amazing life coach and all around cool person to have in ones spiritual corner. As spiritual guides go, I think you have definitely found your calling."
Richard J.
“Katya combines an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition, yoga and cooking with a deep intuition. As a client, I felt Katya understood what types of support I needed much better than I even I did, and guided me towards healthier habits in a completely gentle, firm, and non-judgmental way. Working with her was a complete joy and resulted in long-lasting changes in the way I nourish my body , mind and soul."
Merete Mueller
"Katya guided my husband and I through a challenging time in our family. She provided us with the tools we needed to make some very big life decisions in our careers and with our children, making our marriage and family stronger and healthier. She was able to grasp the crucial issues that were threatening our relationship and taught us how to overcome those hurdles together. We have been to therapists in the past but there is no comparison to Katya. She is empathetic and direct and provides concrete ways to improve our lives, ourselves, marriage, and family. She made us stronger and helped us find the peace we were seeking. I’m so grateful for making the decision to work with her and highly recommend her."
Michele Sperling
“I’ve always resisted meeting with therapists or coaches – especially ones who I hear are “intuitive” or promise to help design “my extraordinary life”. But over the last year my wife and I could not navigate out of an extremely difficult set of circumstances with our home, work, and children – resulting in stress that was tearing apart our relationship and family on a daily basis… we put in a lot of time and effort to explore each of the solutions that we could identify.
I believe we smart, wise, and conscientious people. Yet after months going down one path after another we kept ending up in the same frustrating, depressing, angry place. With a great deal of responsibility on our shoulders it felt like we were beyond having hit rock bottom… we couldn’t find a path to alleviate the suffering we were enduring. We were scared. So when someone recommended we meet with Katya, I was open to it because of my desperation. Though, in the back of my mind I assumed it would be a waste of my time. To my deep surprise, Katya was able to help unravel our challenge and help us envision a journey to reach our goals and dreams while meeting our needs.

The experience was quite profound, she brought a combination of healing and insight to our lives with a great deal of potency. Specifically, we left with a road map and action steps to change our thinking and approach – a set of solutions that had been completely obscured from our minds and imaginations. Looking back on the experience today, I can clearly see how our meeting with Katya has become an inflection point that has sent our lives in a new trajectory, both personal and professional, that began literally within days of our interaction. Her influence is both gentle and powerful and – most importantly to me – immediate.

I am deeply grateful for having had the courage and openness to working with Katya and will be forever in appreciation and gratitude for her help. I highly recommend Katya, to believes and non-believers like myself."
Jason Sperling
"Wow! Where do I begin? My initial interactions with Katya were in my yoga practice. When the opportunity arose to work with her as a health coach, I jumped at it. Her guidance and confidence in me has taken me places I never thought I would be in my practice and in life. Wise, deliberate and thorough, our time together has contributed to a greater awareness of myself and others. It’s difficult to put into words how profound a journey this has been, but the feeling that anything is possible, of looking forward to every day, of seeing the good in myself and others…..What it comes down to is a feeling of fortune and gratitude to have crossed paths with Katya and seen the possibilities in her coaching program."
Ryan Sheffield
“Katya entered my life by miracle at a time when the world seemed dark and I felt a desperate need for help. When we shared our first conversation, I was in deep shame about my body and unhealthy relationship with food. She helped guide me back to my heart and place of inner self-worth and love.

Working with Katya to begin my recovery has been key for my healing journey. Katya is professional, present, and deeply empathetic. The wisdom and love she offers was exactly what I needed to get my head above water and keep swimming.

Katya is client-centered and deeply compassionate. She is a strong woman who knows just what to say. Her knowledge and use of astrology helped me understand myself, my path, and my greater purpose beyond binge eating. Katya helped guide me to a much better place and can do the same for you. All that’s needed is a willingness to heal.”
Katia Franz-Garrison