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A Strict Food Plan vs. Doing the Deep Work with Nina Berbari

Sometimes in the binge eating/food addiction community, we get into a distinction between taking a boundary-setting approach to our healing – such as weighing and measuring our food – and “doing the deeper work.”

I’ve been fascinated by this distinction for some time, and I spoke with Nina Berbari about it.

Nina is a current advocate of Bright Line Eating and devotes a lot of her time to spreading the word about the healing food and lifestyle plan that turned around her autoimmune symptoms, helped her lose all her excess weight, overcome food obsession, become an “emotional ninja” of a parent, and more. She admins not one but many unofficial Bright Line Eating facebook groups, offering her expertise as a freely-given service to show her gratitude for Bright Line Eating and pay it forward.

I was initially drawn to Nina by her intense dedication, and we got to know each other better through phone conversations and internet chats. In fact, she answered many of the questions that I had and catalyzed my own ultimate commitment to Bright Line Eating, which we discuss in today’s episode.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The first-hand story of a recovered food addict. (I find stories like this one, from someone who has walked the same road as I have, so healing). Nina’s story contains elements that are common to many of us who have struggled, and her dissection of the emotional triggers that drove her to find comfort in food may be illuminating to your own struggle.
  • As recovering (or attempting to recover) food addicts, do we need to choose between the path of setting external boundaries or the path of “doing the deeper work”? How do the two support each other? And, can we have the best of both worlds?
  • How true, complete healing from binge eating and food addiction positively influences all aspects of life, including career, money, parenting, friendship, etc.
  • What is the interplay between food addiction and other addictions?
  • What are the nuts and bolts of the exact plan Nina followed to find freedom?
  • Does it get easier?
At the end of the episode, Nina will invite you to contact her with further questions. Her email address – as she has chosen to freely offer it to anyone who has more questions – is

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