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100 Years of Loving Yourself

Friends, I can only write about self-love. And to sing its praises.

More than any system or methodology, self-love not only can heal, but has no choice other than to heal all of our wounds. These wounds come from the mistake that we are missing something, we are somehow flawed or fundamentally not okay. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

But because we’ve grown up with the collective unconscious belief that we have to be something in order to be loved – we have to achieve more, or to look or act or think a certain way – we live with this as though it were the Truth.

The healing from this is remarkably simple –

First, we have to see what Love really is.

True love is unconditional. Absolutely unconditional. That’s right – no matter what our behavior, what we have done in the past, even if we have hurt or harmed others terribly – it does not give us the right to be unkind to ourselves.

To be kind to yourself means to love all the parts of you, even the parts of you that you don’t like, because they are crying out for love.

When you binge, you are crying out for Love.

When you lie curled up in a ball wishing that someone would make it go away, see that being that is crying out as the purest form of divinity and pour all your love into them.

Forgive yourself all your sins. They were not sins, because you had nothing else to do in the moment that could give you that feeling of wholeness you were looking for. You did what you could do, you did your best.

Hold yourself.

Give yourself everything you would want from an ardent and completely devoted lover. EVERYTHING.

You could spend the next 100 years loving yourself, and your work would be worthwhile. You are filling in the gaps in our world. Filling them with the Real Thing – Love.


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