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A note on COVID-19

Katya has been offering virtual sessions for upwards of 6 years, and is honored to support you in this way while we all protect and care for ourselves during the Coronavirus pandemic. She encourages physical distancing while maintaining strong social connection through the plethora of technological pathways available to us today. She also cannot say enough about the importance of doing what you love during this time, spending time outdoors and in nature (even if you need to hug a tree! – that’s what she did when she lived in New York City) and keeping our outlook positive through gratitude. 

And if you’d like a reading or extra support, she’s offering 35% off all her offerings through the end of June. Use coupon code STRONG at checkout. 

About Katya

Katya Slivinskaya was born in Moscow, in what was then the USSR. When she was 3, her family emigrated to New York City, where Katya lived until she was 14. In 1999, her parents asked her if she wanted to go to a small and very progressive boarding school in the UK called Brockwood Park School. After visiting and falling in love with the unbelievable magic of the English countryside – and the outstanding community and conscious values embodied at Brockwood Park – she said yes. During the next 3 years, she explored herself deeply, and, truly seeing the night sky ablaze with stars for the first time, (scarce in NYC) – she fell in love with the night sky.

By 2003, Katya missed not so much the culture but the land of the United States. Upon returning to New York, she spent a brief yet poignant stint living in East Williamsburg, making stencil graffiti, writing, and other art before deciding to move cross-country to Boulder, CO. In Boulder, she attended Naropa University – an accredited Buddhist university, where she studied Creative Writing and Poetics, and Contemplative Psychology (graduating with her degree in both) and specialized in Health and Healing.

Shortly after graduation, Katya gave birth to her daughter, Nina Noel. Her birth, as well as the influence of Katya’s long-time friend Adam Sommer, spurned her to begin independently studying astrology, which she assumed would be nothing more than a hobby. Moving back to NYC, she received her certification as a Health Coach, as well as her very first Yoga Teacher certification.

Moving back to Boulder with a few more certifications in hand, she began teaching classes and seeing clients on the side, while working full-time as an editor for Ayurvedic doctor, John Douillard. For the first 4.5 years back in Boulder, she raised her daughter as a single mom, co-parenting with Nina’s father. Toward the end of that time, her adrenals gave out, leading to the end of her functional life as she knew it, and a period of spiritual and physical healing that left her a very different person.

At 27.5, guided by her inner voice, she left her day job and began to build her own practice as a healer.

In 2016, she met her private astrology teacher and one of her life’s great inspirations so far, Taina Ketola.

In her Health Coaching sessions, the more Katya’s clients found out about her astrology studies, the more they asked for astrological guidance as part of their sessions. Slowly and very organically, Katya integrated astrology into her practice, and began to shift away from a focus on the physical body, to the overall well-being and evolution of the Soul.

Today, inspired by her own experience, Katya is dedicated to supporting those undergoing spiritual transformation by creating spaces in which such initiations are honored as positive and normal.

She is also host of Lift: The Podcast; a writer of regular astrology updates that she shares on her Patreon page; and a working astrological coach. She lives in the mountains of Colorado with her partner and two children.